Tyler Tenbrook

Archery has been my life and passion for the past twenty-two years; it is the center piece that brings my family together.  Growing up I spent many hours traveling and shooting with my parents all around the country, and at twenty-eight years old, it is still my favorite thing to do.  I started shooting competitively at six years of age and hunting at age twelve.  My shooting and knowledge of archery equipment evolved when I got a job as a bow tech a few years after high school.  I finally turned pro at the age of twenty-five and now, three years later, whether I’m in the field hunting, or on the tournament line competing, I know that this is how I will live the rest of my life.
G5 Outdoors 
Black Eagle
Last Chance Archery
60x Bowstrings

Ray Tenbrook Eagle, CO

Archery Style: Compound, Target, 3D Archery
Equipment Manufactures:
Bow - PSE
Sight - Axcel
Rest - Trophy Taker
Stabilizer - Bee Stinger
Release - TruBall
Arrow - Gold Tip
Archery is not only a passion but also an obsession
for the past 27 years.  In 2016 I started traveling the professional archery circuit full time and placed at 24
national tournaments out of 27 that I attended. 
Professional Achievements:
Numerous CSAA State Championship Finishes
Lancaster Classic - 3rd Place
ASA several top 5 finishes
NFAA Redding 2nd Place - Team Event

Ira Houseweart ,Hotchkiss CO

I live in Hotchkiss CO along with my wife Cynthia two girls, Izzi and Cece. I work as a decorative blacksmith and help on the family ranch as well. I've been shooting Archery since I was 12, and shooting in the CSAA for the past three years.

Randy Brabec , Grand Junction CO

My name isRandy Brabec,
I have been shooting since a very young age. I won my first tournament at the age of 5. 
- 3 time Indoor National Champ
- 3 time World Archery Champ (Las Vegas)
- World Team Champ (Blue Springs Mo.)
- Northwest and Southwest sect. Champ
- Western Classic Champ. and Team Champ (Redding Cali.)
- Hold all CSAA State records in FSL Camp Division including other divisions
- Master Bowhunter Award NFAA
- Best finish at Outdoor Nationals is 2nd